Ovarian Cancer

with ovarian cancer

Being diagnosed with ovarian cancer impacts us physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually, as if we’ve entered an alternate universe where nothing makes sense anymore. It’s frightening. Frustrating. Hard to know what to think, let alone what to ask, what to do or where to look for help. Questions may come at odd moments—and that’s to be expected.

It may give you some peace of mind to know that right now, there are other women who were diagnosed on the same day you were. Statistics tell us that there are around 62 women in the U.S. diagnosed each day. Many of them may be feeling a lot like you do at this moment. And many of them may be viewing this website, just like you are now.

Please feel free to join our Whisper Network Blog—become a member, post your thoughts or questions, reach out to other members and provide and receive support. Be sure to read through our resources, and feel free to contact us should you find new information that you believe could be helpful.

So much information is available online, in books and throughout the community—but it can also be overwhelming if you let it. Pace yourself. Explore a little today and perhaps a little more tomorrow. And, always leave prognosing up to your team of physicians.

We’ve designed this site to be a resource for you and your family and to empower you wherever you are on your path with ovarian cancer. If you have any suggestions or need more help, please contact us.