Awareness Programs Supported by Ovations

awareness programs supported by ovations for the cure of ovarian cancer

Ovations takes ovarian cancer awareness very seriously. That's because the more women know about the disease, the more likely they are to be diagnosed at an earlier stage...making them overall more likely to survive.

a powerful online presence

The number one way Ovations is able to promote ovarian cancer awareness is through its online presence—through this website. Why? Because the Internet makes it easy to not only touch local and national audiences, but to also reach people from all over the world—people looking to learn more about ovarian cancer, the research we're funding and the programs we're supporting.

Since the launch of in 2006, the site has reached over 2.7 million pageviews, with visitors coming from nearly 200 countries worldwide, including the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. On average, the website is visited by roughly 30,000 people per month.

patient awareness brochures

Ovations' patient awareness brochures were created to help spread awareness throughout doctors' offices, hospitals and medical care facilities. These specially-designed pamphlets are filled with facts and references for ovarian cancer.

Below is a table outlining how many patient awareness brochures have been disbursed since our inception.

  Patient Awareness Brochures Sent Over 400,000
  Offices with Brochures Over 9,500
  # of States with Brochures All 50 +Canada