Butterfly Pen Pal Program for Patients

Our Pen Pal volunteers support their “Butterfly Buddy” throughout their journey with cards, uplifting messages, supportive words and lots of positive energy.  The Butterfly Buddy provides patients the comfort and confidence of knowing they are not alone in their fight. 


This program is created for people going through chemotherapy. Once your application is processed, you will be matched with a volunteer Butterfly Buddy. Many of our Buddies are cancer survivors themselves, but just as many are not so please do not expect to be assigned to someone who has experienced ovarian cancer firsthand. People are here for many different reasons to support this community.

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Volunteer Pen Pals

As a Butterfly Buddy you will be matched to an ovarian cancer patient that you will supply encouragement and support to during the duration of their treatment. You will be connected via mail to begin with. We suggest mailing a card to your new Buddy and introducing yourself. Any other way of contact will be decided by each individual.

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