2018 Annual Appeal – Letter from our President

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2018-11-20 All day

Your help allows us to help more women in need!

Our founder, nine-year survivor Patricia Franchi Flaherty, took a stand when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a second time in 2006. She spent the next two years – the last two years – of her life filled with determination, drive and a passion to create Ovations for the Cure of Ovarian Cancer.

Before we know it, the holiday season will be here and during this season of giving, I want you to know that I am grateful for the continued support of individuals like yourself who have helped to fund our current patient programs. We hope to expand these programs in 2019 – but we need your help to accomplish this goal.

Because of people like you, in 2018 we were able to provide over 650 healthy meals to our patients and their families. This program provides patients with free healthy and easy to prepare meals.

“Preparing fresh, quality, home cooked meals takes time, thought and money. This program took care of all of that for me. Thank you – I truly appreciated the quality and easy to prepare meals, they were delicious” – K.M.

We were able to provide over 200 patients with one of our Princess Bead and Bracelets. The Princess Bead and Bracelet program is intended to be a show of support for the patients. This program is offered nationwide to all women fighting ovarian cancer.

“I just wanted to say thank you all for the beautiful bracelet! It arrived just after my birthday! I’m grateful for each birthday I am still on the planet! Your gesture of support is so special!” – N.P.

We hosted 145 patients and care partners at our Annual Learning for Living Symposium. The Symposium is an annual forum designed to educate and update patients, survivors and their care partners – at no cost to them – on the latest in ovarian cancer research, treatment and therapies. Held at the Four Seasons in Boston this day was created not just to educate – but to make every person attending feel special, cared for and supported. The luncheon following the Symposium allows all attendees to interact with each other and beautiful friendships have been made at this event.

“The topics covered were amazing and informative – the entire day is just wonderful. My yearly day of hope and friendship. Thank you for doing this.” – J.L.

This year there was approximately 22,240 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed and sadly, 14,070 will not survive. That is why in 2018, we donated over $22,000 to Dr. Ursula Matulonis’ Research Fund at Dana Farber. We know that all our efforts are only possible because of the contributions and support we receive from donors like you.

Thank you for believing in us and supporting our mission,

Paul Flaherty

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